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It is envisaged that by progressing the aims of the BBG, native species of wildlife and plants will be protected and the health of our woods, streams and environment will be safeguarded for future generations.


The Ballygally Biodiversity Group (BBG) has an interest in seeing red squirrels return to Chaine’s Wood, Carnfunnock Country Park and the surrounding area of Ballygally. The group is working towards the improvement of the biodiversity of these areas by preparing a suitable natural habitat which will attract more wildlife into these locations. Once a suitable site has been cleared of non-native vegetation and trees, planting of native species will be carried out. The BBG plan to plant native wild flowers, such as bluebells, lesser celandine, wood anemone and wild garlic and trees such as Scots Pine, Holly, Hazel, Rowan and Wild Cherry. This improved habitat will provide a more attractive and interesting environment for local walking groups and visitors to the area.

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