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The Croft Road Project is aimed at improving the look of the approach road leading to and from Ballygally by improving the flora at the side of a stretch of unused land. The plan is to remove all current wild vegetation and replace it with with native plants and wild flowers. The BBG group will have responsibility for maintaining the area by planting, weeding, feeding, monitoring the environmental needs and taking steps considered necessary to maintain and improve the site. The aim is to create a pleasant colourful approach, and exit to Ballygally, by providing a display of native flowers and plants along this currently unused strip of land. Success in this area will increase the diversity of wild life, including birds, butterflies, bees etc.

The introduction of flowers and native plants will go some way to promoting civic pride within the community of Ballygally and enhancing the environment for residents and visitors to the area.

In order to take forward the Croft Road Project, funding was awarded from both the Live Here Love Here Small Grants Scheme and Ballygally Community Development Association (BCDA).

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