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Red Squirrels United Project

Red Squirrels United Project- CONSERVATION PLAN


Red Squirrels United (RSU) is a new partnership project which will conserve, protect and promote the much-loved and extremely endangered native red squirrel ( Sciurus vulgaris ) and its habitat in the UK. Red squirrels have been in decline since the introduction of the grey squirrel in 1876. Along with protecting red squirrel populations, this project will seek to ensure the close connection between local people and the red squirrels in their homes, gardens and woodlands is not lost forever. Red squirrels live in nearly all woodland types and also happily feed and breed in suburban gardens and urban parks where grey squirrels ( Sciurus caro linensis ) are not established. RSU prioritises conserving the edges of the UK red squirrel range, ensuring their survival locally and making significant contributions to the conservation of a national population.

It is planned that the Ballygally Biodiversity Group will engage in, and provide whatever support is requested, within Ballygally and the surrounding area, by the members of Ulster Wildlife who will be working on the the Red Squirrels United Project.

The full Conservation Plan can be read by clicking on the following link

Red Squirrels United Project - Conservation Plan